As with many Arlington neighborhoods, the Bluemont neighborhood is a highly active community where people are integrally involved in the place they call home. The neighborhood is home to many public parks and trails, including the Bon Air Rose Garden, Lacy Woods Park, and the Bluemont Bicycle Trail. Here are some pics I took this morning at the Bon Air Rose Garden:

Here is a photo of the bike path that winds through this neighborhood, making it difficult to resist taking a daily hike or bike with the family or to get exercise.

The neighborhoods have a sort of “Mayberry USA” charm to them, yet you have so many wonderful “urban” amenities nearby. There’s a skate park, soccer fields, Upton Hill Regional Park (pool, water slides, miniature golf, batting cages, picnic tables), the Eden Center, and so much more all very close by. But I bet you want to see some houses. Here are a few streetscapes. See if you agree with my description of the neighborhood

Here is a map of the neighborhood.


One of the reasons I entered real estate is that I really love where I live. Northern Virginia, and my home town of Arlington, is awesome. There really is something for everyone. If convenience is important to you, welcome to my home town. For both the young and old, Arlington rocks!

Ayres is located in the Westover area of Arlington. But that’s not all that is conveniently accessible to you if you live near Westover. You also have access to a branch of the county library, complete with storytime for the youngsters and a full selection of DVDs that you can rent for a week.

And there are some terrific restaurants nearby — The Lost Dog, the Stray Cat, and my personal favorite, the Lebanese Taverna. All within walking distance of the homes in the Westover neighborhood.

Most homes in this area were built in 1940, and they tend to be small 3 bedroom/2 bath colonials. Three Westover homes are currently on the market, at an average list price of $606,667. This one, for example, is on the market for $549,900:

If you’re looking for a home in the Westover neighborhood of Arlington, you can do that here. If you’re thinking of selling a home in this neighborhood, you can check out some of my selling tips here.

Arlington VA is a great place to live, work and play. Because we live in a teeny, tiny county (with amazing county services, btw) everything is so darned convenient. It takes me no more than 15 minutes to drive to any one destination in the county from another, except for that 10 minute wait that always seems to occur at the intersection of Glebe Road and Lee Highway.

This convenience is typified in a most unlikely of places — Ayers Hardware Store. This family-run business has no equal. Looking for a place that can repair your cracked windows or torn screens? This is it. Looking for a gallon of paint? Check. How about window hardware? Got it. Need a inflatable toy for the pool? Look no further. Birthday presents? Yup. Cleaning supplies? Well … you get the idea. Small store, but they’ve got it all.

And pick up some nickel candy at the cash register.

No need to drive out to those big box stores and wait in line for an hour to get your stuff. Patronize the local Arlington store and make it easy on yourself. Win-win. Gotta love it!  To be found at 5853 Washington Boulevard, Arlington.